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Friday, July 21, 2017

My Art Journaling Process -Part 2

It took me years...
to put my thoughts on paper..

my Mother read everything..
and no matter what I wrote, it was always
used against me..

So I became an adult who kept it all tight
against my heart..

I had a great therapist...

and even though I am able to now write anything

and I do write it all down..
I document ...
what happens, what doesn't, what I think and feel, I write my dreams and hopes,
and I work out my fears and concerns.. each month..

I obscure the text as a physical process..
a meditative process..

 that focuses 
the energy
and allows the images to be revealed to me..

Join me next week and I will 
share images and inspirations..

Have a beautiful weekend.. 
my gentle viewers..


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Art Blogs To Swoon Over

It is time to 
celebrate a few art blogs...
and hope I introduce you to some
new artists ..
new perhaps to you,
at any rate!!

so gentle reader..
put your feet up..
grab a libation and enjoy..

I hope you enjoyed the blog tour..

if you stop by, please leave a comment and let them
know I sent you..
it is so nice to be validated isn't it?

off I am to the studio, playing today..
and we shall see what comes of that!!

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

June Art Journal Pages

I realized when I was writing
on my pages this month..

that I had a lot to say
about the color blue..

June was a lovely month
spent with family
cruising through the 

Detail of June art journal pages, mixed media, Caterina Giglio

and although I wrote about our interactions..
and commented on the changes taking place in the grand kids..

I found that I kept going back to the
power of the ocean..

about the tranquility it provides ..
and the mesmerizing effect..

 that it has on me..
has on all of us, 
I imagine that I am not special..

since we are really water babies..
the water really does call us back
beckons us to travel inside ourselves to 
a deep spiritual place..

a place of connection rather than attachment..

or at least it feels like that to me,

I often have an idea in my head about 
how my pages 
each month I think I know where they are going to go..

and though my pages are little different 
than my original idea,
they still contain...

the basic idea..

the color of the Caribbean...

I originally intended to paint directly on the page..
and then I suddenly found myself painting sheets of paper..
in vibrant blues and greens..

and then I tore them into pieces and began to fit together the 
image that I saw in my head..

not identical..

is it ever? identical?
not in my experience..
but I am pleased with it..

peace. tranquility. serenity. 
pure and simple...

Ingredients: gesso, pencil, hand painted papers, acrylic paints, Adirondack Color Wash,

June Art Journal pages, mixed media, Caterina Giglio

so gentle readers..
I am off to the studio..

and sorry to report no video this weekend..
my director/videographer/film editor
was called out of town..

so I will be spending a lot 
of time creating..

and starting July pages of course!

Ciao, ciao!

Friday, July 7, 2017

My Art Journaling Process

Well dear readers and viewers..
I decided I wanted to 
film about 
art journaling again..

but as you know 
it is a 

so I thought it would be fun to do
quick videos
the first one is about my process
which I will expand upon in
the next few videos..

next week
we will 
start working on the page..

 upcoming topics:

working with images
writing prompts
ideas and inspiration
journaling blocks
abstract pages

the list goes on!

Have a glorious weekend...


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hand Dyed Paper for Mixed Media

is highly underrated
in the studio..

I think the best obsessions
begin with play..
and this one, 

started so innocently.. 
with a little
bottle of 

Turmeric dye on a variety of papers, hand dyed with natural dyes.

I was interested in writing with the Turmeric dye..
and used an applicator bottle and a nib..

Turmeric dye on tracing paper, with hand dyed turmeric papers underneath.

which turned out well,
and then I experimented 
in dying the papers twice.

Tracing paper dyed twice using the first dye bath and a day later using the dye saved from the day before.

to do that,
I made the dye baths on one day.. 

The strength of the dye bath, vibrant yellow orange..

and then dyed the paper,
in this case I used tracing paper..

Tissue paper with dye bath, using a brush.

and let it dry..
while resting the bath overnight in my refrigerator...

Turmeric twice dyed on sketch paper using a brush and applicator bottle.

the next day
I used an applicator bottle to re-dye
the papers..

and I adore the way they turned out...

and then I read about 

avocado skins and pits..
the article said they 
  made a beautiful shade of pink..

so I HAD to try that right?

Assorted papers dyed with avocado skins and pits, yummy pinks!

I love the assortment of pinks..
and the more skins and pits you have
the darker the pink...

Mixed media paper hand dyed with avocado skins and pits.

you can save those skins and pits
put them in a baggie and freeze them...
to use when you want...

from there I used red onion skins..
I did use the dye bath on some papers,
but the most interesting thing..

were the prints I made using the skins
which look a lot like wings on some of the prints...

Red onion dye on tracing paper.

The dye bath on the red onion skins
changed color when I used 
different papers..
which was thrilling...

Red onion skin dye bath on tracing paper.

it was greenish on the tracing paper,

Red onion skin dye bath on sketch paper

and brown on sketch paper..
above which I adore..

Red onion prints on wrapping paper.

 but I think pressing the prints was even more fun..
and I am going to play with this a bit more..
I am a little obsessed now..
they are so fast and easy and very cool..

If you have not seen my 
YouTube video
on how I created these,
just scroll down to the last post..

and ...
I am off to the studio to work
on June Journal pages
as I am woefully

Ciao, ciao!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Hand Dyed Paper with Natural Dyes Part 2

This week..
I got "stuck"
in the studio..

Whenever I feel frustrated
in the studio..
I turn to making beautiful 

either by mono printing, painting papers or dying them..

sewing on paper and fabric 
will also free the mind..

actually any meditative process will help..

and that includes naps and exercise..
running or walking, 

so since I was making papers
 I decided to film part two of this video
to include a few more fun

Next week I will share the photos
from the segment, since I kept making papers after the 
camera was turned off..

mad scientist 

Have a safe and sparkly 4th!


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stamp Stories, Mixed Media on Paper

I have to admit, 
I was never a big fan of stamps..
the ubiquitous flag..
really did nothing for me..
or old dead guys..

it was only when I saw foreign stamps that
I began to pay attention..

walking ladies..

and intricate design
fascinated me..

at first I blacked out the flags and dead guys with black paint..
and used them as small square elements in my design..
which I still quite like to do..

but as the images became more interesting,
I realized that they held meaning and stories..

designed by artists..
to commemorate events..
sent by lovers..
or dear friends..
wanting to connect..

bringing glad tidings and heart wrenching sorrow..
who could resist such tiny symbols of connection?

every stamp tells a story..

in fact each one carries DNA
and that is enough to get you thinking..

so my mind was spinning as I worked on these
last January for 
the Summer issue of 
Sew Somerset..

 and if you have not had
a chance to see
it or buy..

please check it out..

as always, I am so delighted you stopped by
the sweet life..
I will be back soon.. as I am busy in the studio..
and will have much to share..

Ciao, ciao!